Medicaid is a needs-based program funded by the federal government that is managed by each State. The Medicaid program in Massachusetts is also referred to as MassHealth.

Delaney & Muncey, P.C. has extensive experience in the preparation of Medicaid applications for:

  • Long-term care facilities/nursing homes; or
  • Community based waiver program;

Delaney & Muncey, P.C. is very experienced in the areas of estate planning and Medicaid planning and will work with our Client to protect the applicant's assets, if possible.

As part of the estate-planning or Medicaid process Delaney & Muncey will:

  • Review the applicant's assets and determine the projected treatment of each asset by Medicaid;
  • Discuss protection of the applicant's assets;
  • Review possible alternatives to long-term care placement;
  • Provide our Client with a listing of information routinely required for the Medicaid application;
  • Discuss issues of the applicant gifting money or other assets; review the look-back period to determine any potential disqualifications;
  • Quote a flat fee at the initial meeting with the Client;
  • Prepare the application and submit all supporting documentation and exhibits to the appropriate MassHealth Enrollment Center;
  • Work with our Client with follow-up on any additional information requested by MassHealth.

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