At Delaney & Muncey, P.C. our real estate department provides comprehensive and skilled services for all your real estate needs whether you are the Buyer or Seller.

The real estate matters handled by our office involve the following areas:

Residential real estate

Commercial real estate


Our representation of you in a real estate matter may include:

Review of Offers

Review of Purchase and Sale Agreements

Title Rundowns

Loan document preparation

Representation at the Closing

Act as Settlement Agent at Closing


When representing clients selling their real estate, we meet with our clients well in advance of the closing to answer any questions and to finalize all documents.

In order to accommodate our client's busy schedules, we are regularly granted power of attorney to sign the closing documents on behalf of our clients so that their attendance at the closing is not required.

We also maintain good relationships with a number of financial lending institutions. Oftentimes, upon the client's request, the financial lending institution will appoint Delaney & Muncey, P.C, to close the loan and mortgage.

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